Flybeeper TAS

True Air Speed sensor.

Autonomous true airspeed sensor with bluetooth.

  • Air speed measurement range from 4 to 107 km/h IAS
  • Bluetooth TAS. Reading and subscription to changes (3 times/sec), accuracy 0.1 km/h
  • Bluetooth IAS. Reading and subscription to changes (3 times/sec), accuracy 0.1 km/h
  • Bluetooth Pressure. Reading and subscription to changes (10 time/sec), accuracy 0.1 Pascal
  • Bluetooth Temperature. Reading and subscription to changes (1 time/sec), accuracy 0.2 degrees
  • Battery level indication in percentage via Bluetooth.
  • Power: 200 mAh lithium battery. Charging by USB type C .
  • Operating time: 30 hours in active mode or 2 years in standby mode.
  • Sensor supported by the following software:
  • OTA DFU - firmware update over the air.
  • Industrial housing made of homogeneous nylon.
  • Mounting: 1m cord.
  • Dimensions: 154x41x46mm.
  • Weight: 40g.

Pre-order! Delivery time 4 months

Operating Modes

The device operates in two modes. The first is the Bluetooth standby mode. Every 5 seconds, the device sends an advertising packet, thanks to which it can be detected for connection initialization. Between advertising packets, the device is in sleep mode. As soon as the device receives a connection request, periodic battery level measurement is activated. Connection does not require a pairing procedure. After establishing a connection, you can read the battery level and subscribe to changes in sensor values. In the latter case, periodic reading of data from the necessary sensors is activated. The device is in sleep mode between intervals. When Bluetooth connection is disconnected, the device returns to standby mode with periodic transmission of advertising packets.


The device has no controls except for the reset button. The device is always ready to connect.


You can test the device through the graphical interface on the configurator website. You need to access the site from a device with Bluetooth, such as a smartphone, laptop, or PC with Bluetooth. Click Connect and select FbPs1 from the list. Keep the devices as close as possible to each other.

Currently, the device does not have available settings, but in future firmware updates, there will be an opportunity to change the sensor polling frequency and data transmission frequency.