Flybeeper Pressure Sensor

External high-quality barometer. Nothing extra.

Always available for Bluetooth connection external barometer. High sensitivity and stability with minimal delays. Turn any smartphone into a reliable variometer.

  • Sensitivity: ±2 cm
  • Power: lithium battery CR2032.
  • Operating time: 400 hours with one CR2032 in active mode or 4 years in standby mode.
  • Bluetooth battery level indication.
  • Bluetooth pressure. Reading and subscribing to changes (10 times/second), accuracy 1 tenth of Pascal (averaged value - sensor reading 40 times/second).
  • The sensor is supported by the following software: xcTrack 0.9.11+, Flyskyhy 8.2+, SeeYou Navigator 3.0.3+..
  • OTA DFU - firmware updates over the air.
  • Industrial case made of homogeneous nylon.
  • Attachment: Velcro strap 12 mm through side loops.
  • Dimensions: 34x30x9mm.
  • Weight: 8g with CR2032 battery.