Flybeeper mini2

Acoustic variometer was designed as a reserve device. Small and light. For those who care about every gram.

Backup variometer. It has small dimensions and minimal functionality - a sound indication of rate of climb. Easily integrated into equipment. The battery is not afraid of frost and has a long service life.

  • Sensitivity: ±20 cm;
  • Delay to start climb +2m/s: <0.5s, +0.2m/s: <1s;
  • Delay to end lift +20cm/s: < 1s;
  • Adjustable lifting threshold: +20cm/s, +30cm/s, +40cm/s, +50cm/s;
  • Zero detector -10 ÷ rise threshold, cm/s;
  • Adjustable drop threshold: off, -1m/s, -1.5m/s, -2m/s, -2.5m/s, -3m/s, -3.5m/s;
  • Power supply: CR2032 lithium battery
  • Auto power off timer: 8 hours;
  • Sound indication of battery charge level;
  • Operating time: up to 100 hours from one CR2032 in active mode and up to 10 years in off mode.
  • Volume control: 3 levels
  • Housing: 3D printed ABS black plastic
  • Fastening: velcro + safety sling
  • Power supply 2÷3.6 V: holder for a standard 3 V lithium battery CR2032;
  • Consumption: 1.5 mA at 3V in active mode and 0.2 µA in off mode;
  • Dimensions: 30x23x12mm;
  • Weight: 9 gr. with CR2032 battery.
  • variometer
  • mounting adhesive tape
  • CR2032 battery