FlyBeeper FANET

External radio with bluetooth control

External radio with bluetooth control, configurable radio settings for receive FANET, ADS-L etc. Send and receive any data without internet connection. The device does not contain a GNSS receiver and is not a standalone tracker. The device only works in conjunction with a smartphone.

  • Bluetooth sending radio packets
  • Bluetooth subscription to receive radio packages
  • Supported by applications: xcTrack (coming soon), SeeYou Navigator (coming soon), LK8000 (coming soon),
  • Radio: 860-930 MHz LoRa configurable, preset characteristics for the most popular FANET, ADS-L protocols
  • OTA DFU: firmware update over the air.
  • Antenna: built-in
  • Dimensions: 98x34x16 mm
  • Weight: 50 g
  • Battery life: 120 h without solar, no limit with.
  • Charge: Solar panel or USB Type C