FlyBeeper F0

FANET tracker with solar battery.

Fanet tracker with solar battery. A simple device to improve flight safety.

  • When turned on, it determines its location through the GPS + Glonass global positioning system and starts broadcasting its coordinates via the Fanet protocol at a frequency of 868.2 MHz.
  • It also participates in relaying packets from other Fanet devices, expanding the network coverage area.
  • The tracker does not overload the radio channel. The frequency of sending packets depends on the number of surrounding devices. Only weak signals with a special flag are relayed.
  • If there is a Flybeeper Base within range, the location of the device can be tracked in real time on the site
  • Device configuration, including changing the broadcast name, is carried out by connecting via a micro-USB cable to a PC via the web application
  • Fanet transceiver frequency 868.2 MHz
  • Transmitter power 14 dBm (maximum up to 22 dBm)
  • Built-in 868 MHz 2 dBi antenna
  • Receiver Fanet Sensitivity -124dBm
  • The mutual detection range of two devices is about 20 km in good conditions
  • GNSS receiver GPS + Glonass
  • Solar panel 5V, 30mA
  • Li-ion battery 900 mAh
  • Operating voltage 5 V, mini-USB
  • Operating current 80 mA
  • More than 11 hours of battery life on a fully charged battery
  • On / off button on the left
  • Reset button on the right
  • Green LED: permanently on - switched on, flashing - position detected
  • Red LED: charging
  • Radio module SX1262
  • ARM┬« Cortex┬« M0+ microprocessor
  • Weight 40 gr
  • Dimensions 100x41x19 mm
  • Fanet tracker 1 pc.