FlyBeeper Base

FANET base station

This is a FANET base station that allows you to receive location tracking radio packets within a 20 km radius in line of sight and send to a server on the Internet via a WiFi connection. Real-time data received by the station can be observed at

  • The FANET receiver operates at a frequency of 868.2 MHz and receives packets about the location of ground and air objects, thermal flows detected by them, data from weather stations.
  • WiFi module in the absence of a configured connection works in access point mode. When connected to it, it automatically opens a simple interface for setting up a connection for up to two access points. In a loop, it tries to connect to one or the second configured access point. If successful, it starts sending all received radio data packets to the flybeeper server.
  • The OLED screen displays the current status, number of received data packets, RSSI reception level, SNR quality and carrier frequency deviation for the last received packet./шум SNR и отклонение несущей частоты для последнего принятого пакета.
  • Firmware and settings are updated automatically when there is an Internet connection.
  • It is possible to connect an external antenna to the SMA female connector.
  • Power is supplied via the mini-USB connector from any standard 5V source.
  • Optionally, a lithium battery can be connected.
  • Antenna included 868 MHz, 3 dBi, 200 mm
  • SMA female antenna connector
  • Receiver frequency 868.2 MHz
  • Receiver sensitivity -123dBm
  • Operating voltage 5 V, mini-USB
  • Operating current 130 mA
  • Radio module SX1276
  • Microprocessor ESP32
  • Weight 40 gr
  • Dimensions 68x42x18 mm
  • Base station 1 pc.
  • Antenna 868 MHz 3 dBi 1pc.